The term Citizenship refers to “The state of an individual who is recognized under the law of a sovereign state as being a legal member of that state”.

Citizenship by Investment is also known as Economic Citizenship. It means granting of citizenship status to an individual and to his/her immediate family members contingent upon an investment in a country. The basic rules of granting an individual a citizenship are on grounds that he has taken birth within a certain territory, descent from a citizen parent, marriage to a citizen, and naturalization. This citizenship programme offers an opportunity to legally offer a new citizenship quickly without any interruptions.

This programme offers a direct route to having a legal citizenship just by making an investment in the economy of a nation. The process takes time, though it has been proven to be beneficial and has financial as well as lifestyle advantages to this programme.

The top benefits for investors in citizenship by the investment programme are the following:

  1. Lifestyle Benefits:

There are a number of basic services that are provided by the Citizenship by investment programme to the investors and their families such as— healthcare, security, transport, and education. This helps in improving lifestyle as many investment programmes require investments in real estate and businesses, which is a benefit in the future, as it offers the advantage of buying a new home, and also visiting a dream place.

  1. Financial Benefits:

The financial benefits offered by the citizenship by investment programme to investors include returns on their investment for up to 12% including buy-back guarantee once the investor qualifies for the citizenship. This helps in reducing the risk of investment.

  1. Unrestricted Travel:

One of the major benefits of the citizenship programme is the freedom to travel. This means that it reduces the visa application issues, as it is time-consuming and very expensive. Through citizenship programme, the need to apply for a visa is eliminated. It enables traveling without a visa to most countries of the world, with a possibility of traveling to 110 countries with only one passport. Visa-free travels decrease the major requirements and procedures that are important for visa procedures.

  1. Tax Breaks:

Investors are offered tax breaks with citizenship programme, with improved personal tax exposure. There is a significant reduction on your tax burden. People having second citizenship can avoid high tax collections and can protect their goods.

  1. Business Growth :

This programme also helps entrepreneurs to help their business grow and take the advantage to expand it for the benefit of being able to do business with new partners.

  1. Boosts Economy:

The Citizenship by Investment offers a win-win opportunity for both the investor as well as the host. The investments help nations boost their economic growth as investments are made in improving the infrastructure, agriculture, and tourism.

People who are troubled about their family’s future, education possibilities, a higher standard of living, then one should consider the option of citizenship programs. Citizenship by Investment offers new citizenship and a legal second passport without any difficulty.