Golden visa scheme of MALTA grant immediate residency visa or even citizenship directly to foreign investors against a investment in real estate as well as in business.

There is no requirement to live in the country after the investment is made.


For Golden Visa, following types of investments can be done:

  1.  Property Investments:

Acquisition of property above € 275,000  [INR 2,23,24,775.00(1euro=81.18 indian rupee)]

  1.  Capital Investments:

Buy five year bond with government in malta of amount

€ 250,000[INR 2,02,94,389.11]



The Golden Visa Program maintains general requirements which need to fulfilled by the investor.

  1.   Investor should keep the investment for a minimum period of 5 years.
  2.  Funds for investment should come out from MALTA.
  3.  Investor must not have any criminal records against him.


  • There is no need to get visa to travel in Europe (schengen area).
  • Investor can Live and work in Malta, even with residency in a different country
  • Residency extended to family members under single application.
  • There is no stay periods.
  • No taxes unless you are living in country.
  • Freedom to use, rent or lease the property in which the investor made the investment.
  • No business experience needed to invest there in malta.
  • There is no language test or requirement.