Netherlands has a new ‘golden visa’ program offering residency to foreign investors who are interested to live and invest in Netherlands.  Only the condition is that the investment made by investor must bring benefits to the Dutch economy.

Netherlands is an important European Union schengen member state with best living standards in Europe with additional facilities like access to healthcare, education.


For Golden Visa, following types of investments are done:

  1. Capital Investments:
  • Investment with minimum amount €1,250,000(INR 10,15,57,500.00) in a company that must be based in the Netherlands.
  • Investment of at least €1,250,000(INR 10,15,57,500.00) in Dutch bank or a bank of an EU Member State with a branch must be in the Netherlands.
  •  Investment of at least €1,250,000(INR 10,15,57,500.00)  for the Dutch economy.
  1.  Job creation:

There is requirement of Creation of  minimum 10 jobs.


The Golden Visa Program maintains a set of general requirements which is applicable to all types of investments mentioned above.

  1.   Investor should keep the investment as per required by netherland policies.
  2.  Funds for investment that made should come out from netherlands.
  3.  Entry in netherlands with a valid Schengen visa.
  4.  There should be no criminal records against the investor.


The cost of application will be € 2,137 (INR 1,73,483.80).


Permanent residency  and citizenship is only possible if the person is living continuously for 5 years in Netherlands.


  •  Investor will get Visa Free movement in Schengen zone
  • If one want then the Residence permit  can be extended for family and children.
  •  Most importantly there is no minimum residence requirement in netherlands.
  • Investor can get European union citizenship(if want) after 5 years of living.
  • One can also  invest in buying home in netherlands.
  • It also allow access to Dual citizenship.
  • It provide ease of doing business in Europe as well.
  •  It will provide right to work  freely in Netherlands
  • Netherlands passport is  the most valuable passports in the world, it ranked 4th powerful passport in world passport rankings.
  • Netherland visa  provide free travel to 173 world countries including United kingdom, United states and including right to settlement in any EU member states.